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add cloud support

grage , 16.05.2012, 07:11

Allow you to print a hard copy

paleman, 16.05.2012, 11:32

It would be useful to be able to export all passwords stored in fort to a cloud based storage and/or readable document. which itself could be encrypted for safety.

Whiterabbit-uk, 16.05.2012, 07:18
Idea status: under consideration


Niko, 16.05.2012, 08:42
OK, I ment to combine this idea other way around. Whiterabbit-uk had the original idea. Sorry about this.
grage, 16.05.2012, 09:08
what do you mean by: Whiterabbit-uk had the original idea.
Niko, 16.05.2012, 09:11
User Whiterabbit-uk had the original idea about cloud support and I was going to combine your idea with the idea from him, but it went wrong way around : /

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